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WSOP Main Event (1.4 markup)
  AndrewSong, Jul 07 2016

reposting from 2p2 will give priority to LP members

Selling 40% of my action for upcoming main event.

I've played midstakes online cash since 2006 and have been playing HSNL online/live from 2009. I am competent in every form of NLH, 100bb ring games being the game I play the most. I've also spent considerable time solving 5-40bb poker as I also play push/fold variant on 888, and also to fight for seats against regs that have edge against me in HSNL 100bb tables.

Below is a graph of my online cash play for the year. My volume for the year is lacking due to moving to a new environment and sudden life changes. However, my game is sharp as I've spent more time working with piosolver and revamping my strategy than actual playing.

I have mid 6figs in trades in HSNL tranfer thread and staked over 20 mid-high stakes regs on twoplustwo. My reputation is stellar.

Standard procedure for taxes as I am an American. I will be playing on Day C regardless if I sell out or not.

I can take cash at Rio, Paypal, WF, and TD bank.

Min 5% = $700

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LA, coding, poker etc
  AndrewSong, Nov 09 2015

Deleting. I am back to poker.

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Retiring Poker- Post career options
  AndrewSong, Mar 22 2015

I have been wanting to retire from poker starting sometime last year. I wasn't sure then but I'm pretty sure now that this isn't the life I want 5 years down the line.

I've been dreading playing poker for almost a year. I can no longer say I play poker for a living since that would be cutting my self short with the little amount of time I play this game. I'm still ahead of the curve, however I haven't been making much money for quite awhile. I'm still winning, in the bottom stakes I play(5/10-10/20). Last 6 months, I did slightly better than break even after losing over $250k in the highest stakes I play. My gf used to ask me why I continue to play 25/50+. I would facepalm every time trying to explain to her that it's the same guys I'm playing in lower tables except that 25/50+ is even easier because there's always one guy playing recreationally. She did not get it and I continued to lose.

Moving forward to this year, things changed drastically. I've been seat scripting for quite awhile now while starting games at my main stakes giving me access to all the good games. That isn't possible anymore with the saturation of scripting market. All my good games are earned by playing vs excellent players and by being KOTH on sites that allow that. I completely dropped 25/50+ out of my game after several bad beats and now things are carrying over to all the stakes I play. Running even worse but this time I can not get enough hands as I want. I'm up slightly for the year but I can't help to feel that I've been losing every single day even on days I win. Preflop coolers has been completely unreal and although I know things will change some day, I'm at a point where I don't care anymore if I have to accept this as part of our job. I feel that I made the decision to retire rather too late but I'm still glad I'm deciding to quit when I have some chips left to pay the life blinds. I'm throwing in the towel.

Last couple weeks, I've been looking for what I can do. Panorama's victory blog post had a lasting impression on me so naturally I spent a lot of time looking at coding. I started taking HTML&CSS lessons on codeacademy and on week5 of CS50. I'm hoping to be efficient in Ruby on Rails quickly and learn everything I can. I know there are a lot of guys here who were in similar position as me. I've always had a special heart for LP and did what I can to give my advice on poker hands(hey! im greenstar) so please, if you have advice for me, drop a line!

ps. obligatory graph of last 2 months

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